A Summer Of Unknowns

August 01, 2017 by Justin Tran

A withered Acacia tree stuck in the white clay pan coined Deadvlei

Here it is! After nearly a week of creating this website and bringing the design to the current state we see today, the site is ready for “launch” (whatever that may mean in this context).

It has certainly been an adventurous summer and even though learning some basics of web design and creating a website all within one week was not at the forefront of my plans, it has certainly shaped up to be a very rewarding part of my summer.

I will be back with a post summarizing my experiences in the beautiful Southwest African country of Namibia in which I conducted historical research on nature conservation. For now, enjoy the website and please return often to see what I am up to whether it relates to computer science, tech, eSports, or even travel.