About Me

July 26, 2017 12:29 PM | By Justin Tran

Welcome to my page! I’m a computer scientist by education, a Princetonian at the moment, and an Oregonian from the day I was born. Here is some background on my interests and motivations:

JaffaPortFacing the Meditteranean Sea from Jaffa Port (Jaffa, Israel)

Ever since I picked up my first Game Boy Color as a young child, I have always loved gaming and technology. I not only continued to enjoy gaming, but also used it as an inspiration to throw myself fully into programming in the hopes that I could inspire users the same way I was inspired from a young age. Today, I hope to use that passion as a developer to explore the many odd categories of the world that interest me.

Whether those interests are related to approximating Avogadro’s Number with experimental methods using my coding chops or investigating the effects of nature conservation in Namibia, everything can be broken down and analyzed.

Today, my time is divided among developing projects that stimulate my mind, continuing to build the eSports community at Princeton University and on college campuses around North America as the acting President of Princeton eSports, browsing the latest Android ROMs and Kernels, and looking for the optimal solution to my next programming assignment.

Gaming continues to inspire me as I hope to contribute to the industry by building and improving upon groundbreaking platforms like many innovators before me (for instance, at Twitch). In whatever segment of the tech industry I may become passionate about working in, the drive to improve and innovate as a developer will be present due to the inspiration I’ve received from being a part of the gaming industry.

For my thoughts on the current state of eSports, the Android ecosystem, my latest pursuit to get some Cheeky Nando’s, or other oddities I will inevitably become enamored with, head over to my blog to see what is on my mind. If you prefer to view my latest coding projects, take a look at my write-ups on the projects page for a look into my thinking process and check out the full source code (for those projects and this very website) on GitHub.