Summer 2019 SWE Internship Retrospective - A Summer of Play at Roblox

August 12, 2019 by Justin Tran

 Robux on Amazon My project immortalized for parents to spend their money on at the behest of their young children

I had the pleasure of spending my last 10 weeks working on the Monetization Team (now the Economy team) at Roblox. Though I can’t go into detail about the specifics of what I worked on due to contractual obligations, I can safely say that my experience was one defined by rapid learning.

Alongside the creation of various in-house tools meant for use by company admins and customer service agents, my team tasked me with an extremely exciting customer-facing project: Roblox Gift Cards on!

This involved creating a cryptographically secure system for generating digital codes (not just Amazon codes, but also codes found on physical Roblox toys) and redeeming codes while replacing our past system that had been using vulnerable, decade-old code.

Coming in, I had no experience with C# or the .NET ecosystem. Luckily, I was able to quickly pick it up in many different ways and put plenty of production-quality code into the pipeline at the company. There was also an incredible amount of opportunity to put my system design skills to work as I was given the chance to help design the database and the APIs that would be interfacing with it.

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be continuing to work with Roblox as a Remote Software Engineering Contractor throughout my Senior Year at Princeton and potentially as a full-time SWE after graduation (more to come later)!